Ballybay Tidy Towns committee are pleased to have increased its scoring again in this year’s SuperValu Tidy Towns Competition.  The adjudicator stated in the report that "It is clear that you have made real progress in only three years" The adjudicator also stated that " he/she passed through Ballybay many times but failed to stop partly because of traffic congestion but mainly because there did not seem to be much to attract the attention, but now that he/she was allocated to judge the work of the Tidy Towns Committee and its helpers, on closer inspection this attitude is seen to have been much mistaken.  It was a revelation to read of and to see the work being undertaken - some of it in fact taking on duties more appropriate to the Local Authority and to the business sector.

The Adjudicator was impressed with many of the buildings in town and commented on all the churches stating that they were all well looked after.  The Community College was very impressive and Community Creche was an attractive structure/surroundings and safety measures are well thought out.  The Town Park with all its new features was also mentioned.  He/she mentioned the involvement of the children from the schools in litter picking.   There were lots of good comments but also lots of room for improvement.  The adjudicator made many comments on how things could be improved on and this will be looked at by the committee going forward. Thanks is due to all who helped out during the year, and the committee would like to encourage people to volunteer and help us to make more improvements for next year’s competition.