Following a campaign spearheaded by local man Stephen Duffy to make Ballybay Town Park more inclusive for all children green shoots of progress is starting to appear. Last week it was announced that a total of €12,000 was to go for the provision of new equipment for children with disabilities at the Park. This can be broken down as €9,600 from CLAR and €2,400 from Monaghan County Council. Following this Bernie Bradley the Social Inclusion Officer at Monaghan County Council informed social media, “I’ve been working on this issue with the Area Engineer over the last few months. We have assessed the site for remedial access works and costings for upgrading and replacing equipment on the playground site. I have prioritized this project for 2017”. Miss Bradley then added, “I’d love to really make a National model of good practice in the park”.
A meeting has been arranged for the Wetlands centre on Thursday 5th January at 8pm. The purpose of this meeting is to get feedback from parents, friends and carers who can provide information on what is the most suitable equipment for this project going forward.