A number of locals have been in touch with the Ballybay News Correspondent to voice their concerns that Ballybay was held to ransom last Sunday by a large gathering of individuals. It is believed that in access of 100 people mainly men gathered in the town for a bare knuckle boxing fight. This gathering resulted in the closure of most local businesses and as a result serious revenue was lost. One resident who did not want to give their name said, “The town was practically in lock down for most of the day. I counted at least 13 squad cars in the town. Pubs and shops were closed. All the talk is that the gathering was just a distraction and that the fight took place elsewhere”. Gardai speaking on Northern Sound radio confirmed that no bare knuckle boxing match took place in Ballybay but could have taken place in other locations. Another resident pointed out that the gathering left “an awful lot of rubbish behind them – 20 bags were collected in Riverdale car park after they all went”, said the Main Street resident.