Local Daffodil Day organiser Brian Carroll has spoken to the Ballybay News about this year’s event. Covid has made things difficult however all is not lost. Brian commented, “We can't be on the streets on Daffodil Day tomorrow Friday, 26 March 2021 -but the community of BALLYBAY and surrounding areas can still make a huge difference. If they could please click on the link below they can donate there https://daffodilday-virtualcollection.blackbaud-sites.com.
Brian Carroll also said, “If you want, please feel free to share to your social media streams, local groups and community pages as this would really help to raise an awareness of this year’s virtual events as well as raising much needed funds to support cancer patients and their families. All donations are welcome, big or small. Once again, thanks for your continued support ... over the years, the BALLYBAY communities both local and afar have been wonderful, and we're very appreciative”.