Ballybay Native Joe Sullivan now lives in Dublin but is a regular visitor back home. Joe loves music and to make life easier for the residents of his estate during the coronavirus pandemic he decided to have a disco every night. Joe’s entertainment became so popular that he used to stream it live and hundreds of people tuned in from all over including many in Ballybay. Joe played a brilliant mixture of songs and took requests from his many followers. Many a night Joe fought a battle with facebook who threatened to cut him off but Joe persisted and throughout the lockdown played his music on 79 nights. The nights that he didn’t play it was because he had lent his PA equipment so that locals could avail of bingo.
On Tuesday 16th June Joe posted the following, “Just a quick note that tonight's DJing hour will be the last one. Thanks to everyone who has listened over the previous 78 nights. Especially those who tune in most, if not every, night. You know who you are! Tonight is a "Best of" sort of night so I'll hopefully have your company at 7pm!”. Joe certainly had company on the night with over 90 people leaving comments on facebook.
Speaking about Joe’s disco Former Ballybay Councillor Brid Rutlegde said, “When people ask out here what do u rem about covid-19 ? We will all be saying Joe Sullivan”.
Carl Murphy summed Joe’s effort up when he said, “Cheers joe for entertaining us all at this time , 79 shows Is unreal , thanks a million for ur time and effort in makin this lockdown easier with all ur great tunes , take care and stay safe”.
Real heroes don’t wear capes Joe.