Thanks to Aodh Mc Kenna, one of the latest members of Ballybay and its People for sharing with us the story of ‘Jack the Ripper’. Aodh’s source was a Mrs Wiggens who at the age of 91 provided the information to ‘The Schools Collection’. The story goes - About the year 1827 a character known as "Jack the Ripper" made his appearance in Ballybay. This fearsome man armed with a scythe blade used to waylay and rob people on their way home from the fairs and markets. Once in the Laragh lane he put the eye out of one Mrs Jane Mc Clelland, and cut the ear of a Mr Jack Murphy, both these people residing in the Ballintra district. These acts so enraged the people that they turned out "en-masse", and scoured the countryside until they found him. They turned him over to the authorities and this was the last was heard of "Jack the Ripper".