Friday 21st June is International Yoga Day and a number of specific classes and demonstrations have been organised for the Wetlands Centre. This is a day for helping and supporting others. All classes and events are ‘FREE OF CHARGE’ however donations can be made and these in turn will be provided to the Ballybay Cancer Society and Camphill. There are events for everyone starting at 6am and running all day until 8-30pm. First up is a special class from 6am until 8am. This will consist of a very traditional Indian practice called Surya Namaskar (Sun Saluation) which is practiced with the rising sun 108 times. This number has a lot of meaning and is very symbolic in Yoga. It is a beautiful and incredible experience. A class for children and teenagers will take place between 12 noon and 1-30pm. In the afternoon between 2pm and 4pm there will be a session called “understanding and exploring the traditional practice of yoga plus its mental and physical health benefits”. This session will include demonstrations. Yoga for the older person will be between 5pm and 6-30pm and the day will finish with an adult yoga class between 7pm to 8-30pm.