National Community Weekend - May 4th - 6th, 2019

Monaghan Local Community Development Committee will be asking local communities to come up with ideas for events in their areas. Events can be centred around food, sport, the environment or health and culture.

The event is a celebration of the great spirit of community that exists across the country and an effort to help people who share communities to come together, get to know each other and deepen the sense of community in their area.

Events will take place over the May Holiday weekend of 4th to 6th May 2019. The success of this initiative will lie in having local communities come together to plan events that will work best for their area. This celebration belongs to everyone.

We will not tell communities what they should do, events will be very much driven by communities. These could include themes around sport, history, baking, anything that will help neighbours to come together.

The event is a chance for people to foster a sense of helping each other by coming together, not just on that day, but hopefully all year round. It’s the chance for everyone to get to know all members of their community, to reconnect with neighbours and have a celebration together that is open, inclusive and local.

Applications for funding to support local events is now open and will close on Monday 1st April at 5pm

Guidelines for Applicatants PDF >>

National Community Application Form Word Doc. >>